sealing the atr ss up pipe


10's here i come
Jun 11, 2001
I put my atr up pipe and down pipe on today and it seems that the flange on the up pipe were it hits the header is a little bigger then stock and i cant get it to stop leaking same as my cross over pipe leaking on the drivers side, how can i get this to stop.
i had/have the same problem, i purchased a exhaust-crush type, lead seal gasket at my local autopart store, seems to be working but doesnt last very long especially if you run high boost*. you would think that atr would include this with the purchase of these parts, all i recieved was the up pipe to turbo seal and i was charged for it without bieng told. no biggie im not complaining, my x-over to header still leaks a little but im hoping its cause my x-over is still original. i havent tried it yet, but when i get around to it im going to to try another lead seal at the header to x-over, like the one i used for the up pipe. just my 2cents hope it helps.