seeking drum brake part #s

tom h

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Sep 1, 2001
For the stock 86-87 rear drum brakes, Are there any good exploded view (with part #s) drawings available on the web or from individuals?

eg, similar to

I'm seeking GM #s for these parts:

Service Manual page 5C3-1 (G body drum brakes).
Fig 1.

Item 7 "actuator lever"
Item 9 "shoe guide"
Item 10 "parking brake strut"
Item 18 "parking brake lever"

Call this guy at P&G chevy and he will help you out.
1-888-870-0280 x 214
Tarey D.
Actuator lever:Right GM 18012263 Delco 179-1050
Left GM 18012262 Delco 179-1049
Shoe Guide: GM 5460399 same for both sides
Parking brake strut with lever: Right GM 458484 Delco 179-2013
Left GM 458483 Delco 179-2012

Sorry I dont have any links for any of this information. Maybe keep your eyes out for a Buick 44W parts catalog. They are usually found for sale on eBay or you might post in the parts wanted forum.
Thanks ERIC ! :D

Is this Buick 44W parts catalog the "bible" for looking up actual part #s & exploded diagrams ?

If so, i will definitely try to locate a set.
Its a must have if you are into these cars. Just look for the description 44W. It is a 3 piece catalog about the size of 3 phone books. Covers all 82-87 Regal and all other Buick models.