Selling my Entire collection of GN stuff!!!


Copperas Cove, TX
Well, sold the car a few years back and was cleaning out the attic and ran across all of my old GN cars and models. Here's a list:

1988 Monogram Buick Grand National kits....the one with the GN smoking the Vette. I have two, one is sealed and one was opened but complete.

1988 Monogram was opened still complete

1998 Revell/Monogram Grand National...the most recent of the plastic kits, I believe. Sealed.

GMP Buick Regal Stock Car... Final Edition...sealed

Racing Champions WCW Booker T car
Racing Champions Police USA Bernalillo County, NM Sheriff car
Racing Champions Donkey Kong 64 set with the Green Diddy Kong GN
Racing Champions Street Wheels set with the GN and Orange GTO
Racing Champions Motor Trend Silver GN #181..... I have two of these
Racing Champions Motor Trend 1 of 9,999 Platinum Error GN
Racing Champions Motor Trend 1 of 9,999 Gold Error GN
Racing Champions Motor Trend SC #3.....Platinum/Silver looking GN
Racing Champions Hot Rod Series #101 Green GN in Box

Ertyl American Muscle GN assemble yourself kit 1:64

Johnny Lightning Classic Gold 1982 GN

Racing Champions Nascar Fans #91 Red Rock Cola car.... Two of these
Racing Champions Nascar Fans #81 Tekk Car
Racing Champions Nascar Fans #89 Universal Dynamics Car

I also have a few of the Buick brochures from 1987 with the GN and all of the other models that Buick sold that year.

Make an offer, with in reason, and this stuff is more than likely yours. You can email me at if needed. I would like to sell this stuff as a whole. Thanks.

John C.
SOLD! I will take the lot for $100. Do you take paypal? I prefer paypal but I can send a check or money order if you don't. Let me know. Thanks, Kent
I used to take paypal, but got tired of giving them my money. Postal money order will work for me. I have it boxed and will ship the same day payment is received. Thanks.

John C.
Are all of the 1:64 scale cars (JL, Racing Champions) still in their original packages? Or are they out of packages and loose? What is general condition of the packages? Want to make sure before I send you a money order. Thanks, Kent
John, I just need to know your address to send payment to? And Will you send cars UPS or POSTAL SERVICE? You can respond to if that is better for you. I can mail a money order as soon as I have your address. Thanks, Kent