setting up ta54


10's here i come
Jun 11, 2001
Does any one have any pic of a 87 style turbo on a hot air with the inlet bell still on it. Iam trying to hook up the ta54 soon , do i need a 86-87 TB and how do i get my sperco to hook back up to the intake side of the turbo where it leaves the turbo , the bell does not fit any more its to big .

Does any one know if the v2 intake comes with the 87 TB.

to much work , to little time:D

hope you all had a good x mas
Are you talking about the adaptor on the outlet of the turbo? If so, get rid of it and use a piece of silicone hose to adapt it. I don't even know why they used that adaptor since it's completely not necessary.

You can still use your 84 throttlebody but if you're not going to relocate it then I hope it's at least bored out or you will have very bad turbo lag.

You can also eliminate the TB to turbo adaptor by drilling out the two smaller holes on the tb that aren't used and use them. It will tilt slightly forward but it's pretty close to stock. This eliminates the need to port the adaptor for the bigger turbo.
I forgot, if you are planning on going with the V2 setup you might want to get a TE series turbo instead.
thanks, i can just hook up a 87 tb in the stock area off the bell right. Iam just trying to hook it up for when the track opens back up so i can test the v2 with the sperco intercooler.

If the v2 comes with the tb then i will just buy the intake soon so i don't have to buy two tb's. I want to get some times with the stock intake first so it can help some people out with there set up's.
I just got the ta54 , why the te for the v2. I will have the v2 soon i hope , just gotta do some test first.
you have to take the inlet bell off.then you can bolt the 84 tb on using cool84's method.