SF Bay Area spotted thread

lol! Me too. Shop that was building it closed its doors on me leaving me high and dry and out of a **** load of $. Car is in Arizona currently at another shop close to where it was being built licking its wounds. Really, really sad story......:(

Same thing happened to me here a few years ago with the WS6.. :mad:
I think that was u 510TURBO that I saw a few days ago in Hayward going down mission. I don't know if u saw me but I was in a lil black 335 BMW rimmed up. I live around this area we should get in traffic together sometime... I never drive my car.

yeah that was probably me, thats my stomping grounds, born and raised on Transaction Tennyson. sounds good maybe we can get a few of us together and ride around and show ppl that TURBO REGALS are still here.
I live near by. Does Vic Hubbard have anything going on anymore or do we wait till next year? We have a few TR's around here. We should meet up and rock the get together.
I see it just popped up on craigslist too

'87 Buick Regal T-Type

Looks like it's back.


1987 Buick regal T-Type WE4
A quick pic



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last friday afternoon/evening around 6-630pm in walmart parking lot in oakland in the back next to tmobile.
i was passing over onto the slow lane on hegenburger towards edgewater.
saw through the fence behind the tmobile building what looked like a gn on black 20's or 22's real clean.
i was headed to the gas station then the airport

I think that was me....I was grabbing pizza from red brick...the whole time watching my car...lol:cool:
So at around 5pm I was in my El Camino sitting at the crazy red light at East Ave and Livermore Ave in Livermore when this 87 GN that appeared to be lowered casually drove by headed south on Livermore Ave. There was an older gentleman (not super old just older than 36) and the car had a Kenne Bell ram air kit. I couldn't tell if it was a T-top, Astro roof or hard top car. The car looked really clean. Anyone on here? Seeing this car reminded me of my GN in my sig since I used to roll around in it in this very area back in the mid 90's.
What part of San Jose?

Have you ever been to the local meetings at Round Table?

Mark E.

Hi Mark! The south side is where you'll find me!
I've never been to a local meet. Didn't know there was one. Love to go to one. :biggrin:

On another note:

Today I saw a 86 gn or lowered 87 on bernal, didnt see the grill.