Sheetmetal Oilpan/160lb hr inj's.


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Jan 25, 2004
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My Sheetmetal oilpan. 001.jpg
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Selling a 6 quart sheetmetal oilpan for Duttweiler/DLS/TA style oil pump.
Has provision for oil dipstick tube and i'll include a modified stock tube and dipstick.
Holes were not originally all in the correct position but they are now and it seals good and does not leak.
Asking $475.00
Set of 160lb hr injectors, $400.00 obo
Was it a 20 bolt converted to a 14 bolt ? Are there any issues with the factory crossmember? That is a very nice pan.
Fits perfectly fine with no issues at the crossmember.
I used it as a 14 bolt, by the looks of it you could use it as a 14 or 20 bolt.
Injector's are low impedence made by Bosch.
All cleaned up and ready to install!


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