shift kit install help


i bought a pts shift kit from bruce, and so far it been pretty simple. i was wondering if anyone had any tips for holding the little check balls up in the trans while i put the plate on. i have to hold 6 little balls up there and then install a gasket/plate over top. kinda tough. lol. can i use vasoline to stick em up there? or is there something like vasoline that is tranny-safe? any advice would be wonderful. thanks gents.
The time I put a Trans Go shift kit in a TH350 I used Vaseline.....never had any issues with shifting....just use a small amount.
Vasoline is fine. trans gel is not readily available at parts houses even if there was a big glob of vasoline it would not hurt a thing.
What ever you do, do not use bearing grease. The vasoline will dissolve where as the grease will not.

The three wonder tools of auto repair: vasoline, super glue, and duct tape. :D