Shout out to Dave...


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Feb 27, 2012
....Husek, very rare these days to find someone that takes pride in their work AND actually knows what the fuck they are doing...

Plus he is not going to stare at it for 2 months.. probably not the norm but almost 2 wks to the day after he got my trans it was back in my garage ready to install, full billet build w/ new TC, nuff said.
I took my trans to Dave after a input shaft snapped and other damage . I arrived at his shop at 1pm sat and talked to him while he completely tore down my trans including valve body disassembly & cleaning it , replaced all bad parts plus a few new upgrades he had been working on and we loaded it back into the car at 10pm that night !! His attention to detail is incredible , every part is measured & checked before install and takes great pride in his work . I swear he could build one with his eyes closed .
Took mine to Dave last year
He took it apart while we talk maybe 30 minutes
Had it ready in less than a week and turned a BQ into a BRF with parts in his shop
Very happy with the build


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Big shout out to Dave. I purchased a converter from him back in May. Always answered my calls and was very knowledgeable. Most times people of his knowledge cant be bothered with a beginners numrous questions, but he explained everything clearly. He built me the right converter for my combo and it performs perfectly. A buddy and myself installed it right before the HotRod Power Tour (approx. 3000 mile round trip) and the transmission worked awesome. Thanks again Dave.