Smoking with E-85


Jun 11, 2004
ok guys not sure if its e-85 related but my car is smoking when i get on it with a 50/50 mix of e-85 and 93. it has been pretty cold latley about 30 degrees but i noticed the smoke today as a camaro was tryin to keep up. i saw a haze in his head lights. dunno if this stuff burns any diff.

any clues? or is it just cold and my exhaust is hot? or do i need to pray its not the rings telling me its time for anew motor.

specs, 87 T with te-44, stretched stock location, 3" thdp with single shot. 60#r's, car has alot of miles. between 150,000 and 250,000. im not sure who turned it over b4 i got it. but she purs at idle and doesnt seem to smoke.

Have you adjusted the air/fuel ratio to correct it for E85? If not, your engine has been way lean! If that is ok, I don't understand as smoking generally indicates motor is rich. What do the spark plugs look like? EGT's? Wideband oxygen sensor readings?
What color is the smoke?

If it is white- it very well may be nothing but water vapor. For example- in our company fleet we have a Ford Taurus FFV and several Impalas. At 20 degrees or colder you can hardly see anything behind you the first 2 miles after cold start and it will remain that way if it is below 0 even when warm. This is not very noticeable on gas. The Impalas are different- far less water vapor- only slightly more than when on gasoline. I never figured out if it is a difference in the factory tune, cats used, or if it is more engine design related.
In your previous threads you didn't know your AF/R while mixing and now you have this thread about smoking.

To those who think E85 is the cure all, it's not, E85 needs an updated chip, injectors and most likely fuel pump let alone a constant way to track AF/R.

OP, it didn't seem like you did any of those things and from your post, looks like you might have lifted a head.
could be, im gonna tear it down anyways and do as yall are talking about go threw it find out what has been done to the motor, and what hasnt. figure out what cam it has, get the right chip and install new lines and pump and watch my AF ratio. thx all. i guess the playing around had to catch up to me eventually. lol

Thanks, Jeremy
Have you considered go to FAST so you can adjust system yourself?
The Classic and XFI both come with wide band O2 sensor. I started with the Classic FAST and eventually upgraded to XFI but either will do the job. I have installed FAST's touch screen since it displays air/fuel ratio, FI duty cycle, etc. You can pick up the Classis for ~$800 in the For Sale section...just be patient. Sell MAF, monitor, etc and you will find that FAST really isn't that much more expensive. Just trying to help.

ps....some of the vendors take in Classic FAST's from time to time. They will usually give you a start-up tune and will help you adjust it if you send them a log of your run.
im trying to keep it mostly stock appearing. i just like the idea of e-85 since its cheaper in the long run where i live then 93 octane. so im kinda playing with it to see what its all about. but it seems like everytime you get a guage or system on here its obsolete the next month...

im starting a new thread called "What parts do i need"