So a co-worker got a dui...again...and again... Anyone know the laws in Illinois?


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Maybe some police officers can help. I have a coworker who recently got a dui. I believe this is his third. Now about 4 or 5 years ago he got his first, then his second, and tried to go to court himself only to fail and have no license, having to carpool to work. Finally he got a lawyer, and two years later, got his license back with the little "blow-start" installed in his truck. He was also finally cleared to drive a company vehicle. Two weeks ago, he gets nailed again blowing a .154. We are all in discussion here at work wondering a few things:

1. Do they take your license right away? (if so, he's illegally driving)

2. For the third offense, I am assuming that it will be a LONG time before he gets his license back again, if ever. How long is it usually?

We are all just curious about this as we knew something was up when he did not show up at work the next day and didn't answer calls. Then sure enough another coworker finds his name in the paper.

Ah, people just never learn.
Hire the biggest baddest lawyer he can afford, and remember they take payments and never sue for being late. 3 can be felony+time.
Your coworker is in some trouble. He could certainly be facing some time in the pokey, and will be loosing his license for a loooong time.

As far as the time period when his license is taken away, if he had a valid license up to his most current arrest, and was not currently on probation, he probably still has a license until his first court appearence.

Also, dude obviously needs to seek help.
Is he to dumb to call a cab or a friend? I can see one and maybeeeeeeeeee two but damn three?
a 3rd drunk driving conviction in Illinois you will receive a minimum 10 year loss of your driving privileges and can go to jail for up to 7 years. you will also receive a maximum fine of $2,500.​

If the person was transporting a person under the age of 16, the driver is guilty of a Class 4 felony and additional mandatory fine of $25,000 will be imposed.​

also 25 days of community service with jail time is possible and likely if 16 yr old or under in car​

Jail add 90 Days Mandatory if BAC above .16. Fine add $2,500 Minimum BAC above .16 Vehicle Registration Suspension of course also. he is at .154 so hes under that threshold but put a fork in him anyway
hello people; Sorry to here about your pal and there taking drunk driving very seriously all over.
A co-worker just should me this; you tube steves riding lawn mower. Not to make light of things but check it out.Theres a couple of them.
Unfortunetly I know of a person in a very similar situation. I wouldn't think she will ever drive again. I don't know how long she was in the pokey for, but it was awhile.
I know of a few that have 2 that took years of effort to get back behind the wheel. Some with the blow tube, some without. I can imagine a 3rd.
My dad was one of those people that got nabbed. Except he was on his third offense and got caught driving without a license AND was intoxicated. That was back in 94 this happened. He finally gets to go get his license monday. He also had to go serve jail time, go through inpatient treatment, go to numerous AA meetings, write the judge an essay of why drinking and driving is dangerous and why he will never do it again, probabation and UAs, I'm sure there was more be I've heard him say he would pay ANY amount of money to be able to drive again. I think he's paid more than 10k in fines, not including lawyer fees, and he said he would have paid it again to have a license in his pocket.

When they send you to the nut ward for treatment, pedophiles and rapists usually get out sooner than the DUI offenders
When they send you to the nut ward for treatment, pedophiles and rapists usually get out sooner than the DUI offenders
and the sad thing is drunks are just as dangerous if not more then the pedophiles and rapists. im glad they are cracking down.

read this story...... Warrant: Arrest Warrant States That Windsor Locks officer drank for hours before crash -

his life is over and he killed a 15 yr old kid that started for the freshman basketball team in the process. ill never understand. idiot!
Get a good lawyer and get ready to pay. His license is probably gone for a while. I had two from the same cop in Elmhurst witin 6 months and a drag racing ontop of them. That cost me 5,500 and my cdl. He could do time but I doubt it. My friend had 6 before he did 3 years. Tell him to get under the judges desk and tickle the taint:eek:
How many times does it take to learn?

2 options. 1, would be nice to know someone. 2, get the best lawyer with the best dui track record for that county.

Is this in will or cook?

Can they afford to pay a lawyer?
hello people; As I've said sorry about the situation and alcohol is one of the top abused things out there.
Did anyone check out steves riding lawn mower on you tube? Do you think he's got a alcohol problem?
I know what the law is in Illinois:


My best friend just got his liscence back last year. He's 29 and lost it when he was 18. He kept driving, drinking and driving, and getting pulled over. I pulled his dumb a$$ out of rolled over vehicles twice. Then finally his last time he rolled his car over while running from the cops. That taught him a lesson, thankfully he never killed anybody including himself.
NEVER TAKE THE TEST...SAY CUFF ME AND TAKE ME TO six months you get your license back..
That has been increased to a year. The good news is the laws seem to be working. My son is a Police Officer and he tells me DUI arrests are down significantly in the western suburbs of Chicago. I think the extreme penalties are making people think twice before they drink and drive.