*SOLD* Precision 96 pound injectors 500 miles 200$ shipped New price


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I have for sale a set of PTE 96# injectors that I bought new and and they have 500 miles on them.

My new engine build will need bigger injectors so these are up for sale.

Price is 250$ shipped.
I will stand behind these injectors for 30 days to work as they should.


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I had a set of 120's that were made by trick-flow that I really liked but they are for my sons
430 inch nitrous engine so I had to give them back lol.

The 160's will be a better match for the new combo and should have plenty of reserve which
I like with the xfi as you can leave the +side of the fuel auto correct on and if a pump starts to go away
or something happens with the electrical you have enough injector that it can compensate and save the
engine.....when you look at the logs it will be apparent even if you are not logging fuel psi
the xfi will have drove the injector DC% way up.

I used to run the injectors pretty much balls out on the edge but with the xfi you have some
safety options if you choose to utilize them.
Hi Manny,

I'm interested in these, what is the PTE part number? I checked on PTE's website and i saw them list them as 95's are these the same injectors?
1986_GNAT yes these are the same injector. I have seen them referred to as 95 and 96.....and I never understood why.
I purchased these new from hartline. I will go out in a bit and see if there is an actual part number on them and get back to you.