solenoid interlock


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May 4, 2016
Any ideas where I Can find one. I've looked at Rock auto and can't find it as well as highway parts.
My car can shift into any gear without pressing the brake. My God yet another problem with my new toy.
Thank you in advance
There is no solenoid. It's a mechanical detent. Column shift will have a spring that holds the shifter in the locked or away from the driver position. You have to pull towards you to unlock. And floor shift you have to push the side button in. Both are common for the springs breaking and allowing shifting without overriding the detent, but you would have a limp shifter or button. As far as using the brake , you never had too on these cars. And the lock out for the shifter when the key is out is also mechanical in the column. Even with the floor shift your column turns like if it had a shifter attached , and that's what keeps it from being pulled out of park without the keys.
thanks for the help. Guess the mechanic was is floor shifter, not column. Thanks for the help/.
Handle fell off. Never noticed that the shifter do don't need to step on the brake when changing gears. Yet another thing that broke. But I hope to get it all fixed and running like she should be
True. After that hopefully it doesn't cost me a fortune to fix my gas tank and shifter, then I have to paint the front bezel so it looks cherry. Show me your ride boss.
Only got a crappy cell phone pic..

626. your car looks awesome!!! man i don't even have time to drive it. only 30 miles in 5 weeks. lol