south florida turbo buick web site


John 15:17
We need suggestions for a domain name for the south florida turbo buick web site.

Regarding the web pages, Brad is a graphic artist and he does web sites for a living. He has volunteered to do the pages. I think we should use "" as a guideline. I have also asked george (the man in charge of it) to let us know how he did his mailing list.

Regarding the domain name, I am really partial to "". I just checked it out, and it is available.

I will start a new thread and we can start voting on it.
What did I get myself into? ;)

I kinda liked the Florida Area Regal Team, but I think that we would be the butt of several jokes. ;)

Florida Area Turbo Regal Internet Domain Experience ;)

I really don't care.
might wanna check this one out also:

I am usually pretty good at acronyms, but nothing works. maybe we should start thinking about what some of us use for our license plates:

I don't now...I'm still partial to
Man, I'm telling you guys,

Nah, Just kidding. But I do think we should have "South Florida" In their somewhere.

How about South Florida Turbo Regal Team.


I think I am shootin' for "South Florida Grand National Racing Assoc." or "" Yup, I like that one.

I have to tell y'all that I am connected with a dude that does all of my web design for my hosting company. He has won several WEB AWARDS for his sites, you can see his work by going to "" He did MARTIN OFFSHORE and TEAM VIRGIN's website all can be seen by going to the above address. He does animation and all kinds of stuff. I think if we are gonna do this we should do it right and have a PHAT WEB PRESENCE. I will host the webite on my webserver so space is not going to be an issue. I think you all should check out the TURBO REGAL website at "" also look at the BUICK GRAND NATIONAL RACING ASSOC. at "" For ideas relating to the structure of the website. I like the central florida website but OURS should be better. Brad, your help with this would be greatly appreciated so pleased feel free to give your ideas.

I have spoken with several of my professional contacts and they agree that SOUTH FLORIDA is in need of a GN CLUB. Also, I hear NORTH FLORIDA is reorganizing and together florida would be covered. I see some great events in the future. So, I am all for it and stuff. Well, gotta fly y'all can email me if you like or post all replies here.

Tony and Brad, you have mail...

sfgnra might offend the TR guys.

How about for south florida turbo buicks?