Southside lift bars


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How many are running these at the track and what 60 ft times are you getting with them? I have them on my car and just ordered the 275 50 15 bfg dr's. I don't have air bags and was wondering if this will be enough to build some boost at the line without doing a major burnout?...........................thanks
they will not help you build boost at the line.....a converter, good brakes, or a trans brake are what you need for that. They should help you launch.....make sure you keep all the mounting bolts tight as they are known for tearing up the mounting points..also be sure your pinion angle is correct (about -3* for a street car)
Is it better to bolt them in, or to have them welded in place? Any drawbacks either way? i have a new pair that have been sitting uninstalled for the last 3 yrs. I thought they were a "direct" bolt-in. :(



You can weld them but i bolted mine in and haven't problems of them getting lose or tearing up the mounts. I set my pinion angle at 6 degrees when i installed them. They are pretty easy to install and i have been pretty happy with mine. I am going to adjust my rear brakes tight so they will hold the car better. I only drive my car about two times a month. I am going to the strip for the first time in a longtime to see how she will run with a little traction..........................................................................Bob
well i just installed my SSM bars, i got toooo good of a deal on them not to buy them, Installation went ok, after installation and pinion angle was set, an extra hole was drilled through the axle, and into the bar for an extra mounting hole which kept the angle true without movement. After i took the car for a test drive to be sure everything was ok, i did notice a slight bit more vibration from the road, and when i tried to PB the car at 6lbs of boost i pushed the front tires with my nitto 555r dr's on the rear, traction is definitely improved upon. however i am gong to be installing a line lock, so i can do a burnout and heat up the tires without killing my trans, and mounts.


P.S. I had asked (verify people watching me attempt the burnout) if i pushed the front tires or did the backs break loose, and i was told the rear lifted (lift bars :) ) and i pushed the fronts.
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Is it better to bolt them in, or to have them welded in place? Any drawbacks either way?

Weld them in. Mine kept coming loose and the back end of the car would shift around while driving. Just a small tack weld on each side is all it takes to hold them. I also left the bolt in.

Do you mean, that you bolted them in, then tack welded them in place?

Also, what pinion angle did you set them in at?


I bolted them in first and drove around for awhile. After the first trip to the track, they cam loose. I tightened them and within a few weeks they were loose again, so I tack welded them in place. My pinion angle was set to 2 degrees, but after I welded them in I got a set of adjustable upper control arms and have since reset the angle to 6 degrees.
lift bars

My car only gets driven about 20 miles a month if that. That could explain mine not getting lose but if they do get lose i will give it a little spot weld. Just put my bfg dr's on and man it hooks good. Can't wait to get to the track to see how my 60's will be.............
i'm getting 1.65 60' times with SSM liftbars and 26x8.5 slicks..

And yes, they definently "lift" the car when stalling it up.

I am very pleased with them. Car hooks dead up..
They do lift the car good. I put them on a 81 camaro of mine and had 275 50 15 tires in the back and i rolled the lip on the fender but because of the lift bars they have never even come close to scrubbing. The car just lifts when you get down on it. So that is why i put them on my gn because i liked them on my camaro....:)
Only way to install em is to weld em in. They WILL come lose if bolted in. Also, before i installed mine i couldn't get traction(even at track) but now i can boost up on the street with 255 Goodyear GT II's and they GRAB!!! Tire's bark at about 15-20 feet out hard, but won't spin at about 3-4 lbs boost off the line. Car just grabs and go's! :rolleyes: