Spare Parts to keep in trunk


socal new guy
Oct 14, 2010
I am starting to take the GN on longer cruises/drives. What are some 'must have' items to keep in the trunk? OHM Meter? Fuses? Etc...
Lou :D

I carry a spare upper hose since they are special order. All my cars always have spare fuses. Usually I have cables, speed wrench, hyd. jack, etc... funny thing is the GN is the one car that has none of those.. guess I'm optimistic :)
For a few cross country trips I always carried:
fluids (oil/trans/brake/water)
Spare ECM, coilpack/mod, cam sensor, crank sensor, belt, JB weld, silicon sealer, sheet of gasket maker, a "jump box" with light and air compressor, flashlights, etc, etc, etc.

Luckily, I never needed any of it. However, the time you do need it is the time you left it at home...
O-Rings for fuel pressure regulator,fuel press. reg.,radiator hose repair kit,maf sensor.
Fuses, maf, duct and elec tape, belt, basic hand tools and vom meter, cam sensor, 4 way lug wrench, tire plug kit and small compressor, fluids, some wire and elect connectors, rtv. Thats a good start do a search been covered before
What ever came in the trunk when it was new. Oh, and my AAA card....

"I ain't skeered" :D
put a bicycle in th trunk .. make sure its secure dont want to dent your 1/4 panels
My wife!!!!

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