Spoolfool's new Drip-Lip, oil leak catch thingy.

Any group buys happening by any chance?


Probably not anytime soon. If you buy multiples at the same time, you will save on shipping. This also holds true with my bumper fillers. It costs the same to ship one rear filler as it does to ship three. Find a friend and save. ;)
I received mine last night.


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You putting it on the car this weekend? Please post back how much oil the car left on the ground before this product and how much after. Also, please post up how it fits. Does your car drip oil on the crossover pipe?

I plan on it. Unless something else comes up. Will post up pics before and after. Will let you and everyone else know how it fits. Yes, currently drips on the crossover pipe. Just tried of seeing the wet spots under my car.
Have to install when I have a lot more time to install. Due to who ever owned the car and welded in these waste gates I have to drop the crossover pipe to get the cover out and back it. Ain’t happening this weekend. Maybe when I go on vacation.

Thought I would try, but the bolts are a no go. May have to take to a shop. Working on ramps in the garage sucks. These damn townhouses have no room to move around in.
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Installed mine this morning, fit perfectly. Crossover pipe needs to be removed to install. Be advised that since the cover is fiberglass, if you have bad fitting ebay headers like I used to have, the crossover pipe must be far enough away from the bottom of the stock cover so it doesn't make contact with the drip lip. I have TA stock replacement headers now and it cleared it fine.

My car leaks from that exact area that is shown in the video. Cruising around on a weekend without any WOT blasts, I might leave a 1 inch spot in my garage after its parked after a day or 2. If I drive it in a more spirited fashion though, it will leak that 1 inch spot an hour after I park it. I don't mind wiping my driveway or garage, but it sucks when you want to visit a friends house.

See attached pic for what I used for the diaper (Pep Boys). I'll change it in a week and report back. So far, very happy with it.


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Drip-lip sounds like something from a porn flick.

Still WAY better than "Drip Shield".........

"Drip Shield" sounds like some AARP description of, I just won't go there..... and I'm an up to date, paying member of AARP.....o_O

Jus' sayin'.
I'm thinking it won't clear after market headers and crossover pipe (ATR I think) just looking at mine. Can anyone confirm?