Spooling a 7675 turbo


Buckeye Bullet
Here is a video spooling a Precision GT42 style 7675 billet wheel turbo. It is one of the few journal bearing made and has a 1.28AR turbine housing. This is on the transbrake.

7000. It will make boost lower in the rpms with the 2 step set. I have it set very low right now, 3300, which allows 5 to 6 psi. Around 3600 will make over 11lbs. This is an 18 blade PTC.
Interesting your at 5000 rpm 7 psi boost and the flash@0 psi is 3400 rpm...........your making a lot of power on the motor..
Looks like 3800-3900@1 psi and 4700@ 5 psi.
Swings that boost needle like a nothing... NITROUS INSPECTION TIME
J/K Awesome setup and tune!!