Sportsman and E85


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Nov 4, 2012
Is there anyone running these two together? I want to go with the Sportsman and we just started getting E85 local. Any thoughts? Thanks
Works perfect. What's your concern?

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If it's not to much trouble could you explain what iui need to do as for as running both. U call Cal and ask for what ect....
Damn phone lol. I just need to know the basics to ask for and any tricks that can help.
The Sportsman will not support low Z injectors by itself , keep that in mind if going to E85 .
I guess I'm asking is all I need is the ECU package from Cal? He will set the tune for E85?
E85 will require larger injectors and anything larger than 80# will be low Z . Unless you spend big money for +80# high Z injectors and Cal does sell them also .
Also the rest of the fuel system may need to be upgraded depending on what you have now . Post up what pumps you have .
I am still using stock ecm. I have a fresh buildt motor and I would love to have a fast street car. I don't plan on racing anytime soon. I've have s ok me bad ecms. I would like to learn more about tuning.
I ran the sportsman on e85 for a couple years. I liked it a lot. Learned the tuning side of it, which I wanted to know. It’s pretty straight forward. I know enough to get by but am still learning as I tune the car more. I upgraded to the xfi2.0 for more fine tuning. Largest most readily available injectors for high z injectors are the 80s but I have 160s cost a bit though. 80s are sufficient along with the dw300 but if you want to fast you’ll need to step your setup up. With the 80s I was 70/80% duty cycles and I had a 450 pump which were at about 350lph. Of course I had bigger fuel lines.
You can go real fast on a stock ecm , you will need it modded for low Z injectors , then get low Z 120's & chip from Eric. Works for me , I'm at 10.30's @ 129 .