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Saw this one tonight outside my building in Marina Del Rey (Lincoln & Marina Pointe Drive) around 7:30pm. Anyone here?
Hey that was me you spotted. Lol
Saw a nice Turbo T on the 605N in Hawaiian Gardens couple of days ago. It had GNX fender vents and nice off grey paint. Power 6 air freshener from the rearview, wide rear wheels. Nice ride whoever gets the pleasure of driving!
Saw a stock appearing 87 GN on the 405 South getting off on the 133 South about a week and a half ago. It was about 930PM or so....I was in my Hyundai Sonata ....grrrrrrr.... and came along side him, then passed him while we were still on the 5 and he was in the slow lane....no place for a GN...tsk tsk tsk.....

Just as I was getting ready to signal to move right, he sped up and went around me, so I moved in behind him.
He almost missed the exit onto the 133 South.
Plate is MY87NTL or something like that.
So you moved in behind him. Nice!

You just can’t resist.

A man who takes after my own heart.

I’m about to turn 45 and I’m quite happy with my hunting skills and demeanor, but I must say.

When I grow up, I want to be just like you :smuggrin:

Can’t wait for new kill stories bro!

spotted a GN looked like an 87 today in the montecito apartments today in lancaster ca at the corner of 10st west and ave L. anyone here?
I spent a month in the mid west on an overnight layover one time.......... :p
Until 12 Jun, I have only seen one GN outside of a car show or a dealership when they were new. I was driving down Powers in Colorado Springs with one right in front of me. I hoped I'd catch whoever was driving at a stop light but, no such luck. I am suddenly in the market for a GN (Finally!) as a daily driver and was hoping to ask a couple of quick questions. I couldn't get a good enough view of it that would give me a clue as to what year it was so I can only say it was somewhere between a 1984 and 1987 1/2 since it was black.
Spotted this beauty down the street a ways from my house... Was only there for about a day and was wearing Nevada plates.


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Yesterday on the 134W in glendale bound, there was a new 5.0 mustang on a tow truck on the side of the freeway. In front of the freeway was one of the best looking GN's i've seen around here. Older white man with his wife I would imagine, waiting for something in front of the tow truck. Was cool to see the older dude and wife, still putting mustangs on the trailer :p
The 54 to I-5 south. I was in a huge yellow box truck. The GN was super clean with GNX wheels. We yelled at eachother. You on here?