spyder gear kits?


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Well i dropped the rearend cover off so that i could replace my posi clutches and found more problems than i was expecting. The pinion shaft had basically welded itself to the smaller spyder gear and i had to use an air hammer to remove it(still wasn't easy :eek: ). So now im looking for new spyder gears and a shaft. The clutches were horrible with well over half broken in two peices and worn away... :rolleyes: I already have new clutches though. I guess thats where my 60 fts went. Anyways does anybody have a kit for spyder gears that they recommend? GM does not offer them any more from what i was just told by the dealer. I wouldn't mind some upgraded pieces but stock will do. thanks guys.

I may have some stock ones. I think they are from a non posi. If they will work, they are your's-- free!!!! Cleaning out stuff that is laying around.
Most of the rear axle companies, like Moser, will have the spider gears and side gears, better than stock. (that's what they say, anyway)
Try a locker

Why not install a locker? They take the place of the spyder gears, and clutches. Just slide in place, very cool. I even saw them installed on one of those TV Shows, I think HOT ROD, not sure though. They run around 250-350. Nice upgrade over stock.

hmm guys this isn't good, I called 3 places including Randys, and a local place thats very well known and both have said that nobody makes a replacement spyder gear set for the 8.5 10 bolt posi rearend. They have them for open rears but nothing for posi cars. GM no longer has them either. Any ideas ? Lee i wish that would work for me but i believe the posi spyder gears are different than the peg legs. But i am wondering, i think all i need is the new pinion shaft and the two smaller gears that the shaft goes through? I wonder if these are the same as a peg leg car? This sucks
BTW don't ever use DTS parts service. There customer service was horrible, apparently according to them our posi clutches are not replaceable and im an idiot for thinking they are.