St. Louis area appraiser

Mar 26, 2005
I live about 20 miles west of st. louis and was wondering if anyone knew of a good appraiser. ive got a nice 85 with an 87 drivetrain in it and i don't want to get screwed over by my insurance company if something were to happen to my car. thanks!
Automobile Appraisal Service
(Affiliate of International Society of Appraisers)
10097 Manchester Road.
St. Louis, MO 63122
Carl T. Roedel, JR., ISA
I used Rally Insurance in Elmhurst, IL. They have a few different programs available. Rates were extremely reasonable and they use top rated companies. It saved me the $250 that the appraiser wanted to tell me how much my car is worth. We worked together and came to an agreed amount of value for the car.
I've also used the same service as Royal-T-Ltd. Carl did a good job for me, too. I'd go with him again.