stage 2 for sale


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I have a stage 2 motor for sale it was cal hartlines from hartline performance. I sold my car a few weeks a go on "turbo buick" and dont need motor anymore. Im asking $15,000 for motor with headers (4 bolt). Im motovated to sell this!! Pics of tha motor is on cars for sale "stage 2 for sale in DE". Billy T can take it to bowling green if needed. Lets talk and make a deal. Also have XFI and dash from fast with program from cal new in box. Also PT 88 turbo that i got of chris lyons. I will sell the xfi in a package deal only. No waiting on machine shop its ready for bowling green.Call me at Dan 302-740-1987 with any other info.thanks
turbo sold

Turbo sold thanks Bob A. Still have motor call me at number posted 302-740-1897 having voice mail problems so keep calling back. thanks! For the person who called me at 4:00 pm sunday i lost your numbers call me back. Thanks again.
xfi sold! Still have stage 2!

Thanks Brett, Sale pending on stage2 let all know tommorow if not sold new price will be posted! Gotta sell this!!!!