Stage II car for sale $25,000 FIRM


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Feb 11, 2002
Guys, I need to sell this thing. I am in the process of starting a new business and need to move this thing. I need the extra cash and don't have the time to race the car. Car went 10.06 @138 on 16 PSI and pump gas. Car runs consistent 1.4 60's on the trans brake. Car has since been tuned by Bill Anderson and picked up 200 HP on 25 PSI and haven't had a chance to run the car due to lack of time for hobbies. Car should run mid 9's all day long. this car is also fairly streetable for a Stage II TH400 equiped Buick. Car runs 160 degrees all day long and doesn't seem to mind street driving as long as it isn't wide open, then it is rather deadly on the road. You can see a parts list and pictures of the vehicle here: Four Seasons Auto Sales Specials

please let me know if you have any questions 423-652-1057 office
423-366-7357 cell email Thanks, Drew
REASONABLE OFFER???? This is an 8 sec capable car with an upgraded turbo and engine management. Drew
Back to the top, by the way. this car has now been some mid 9 sec. passes in the low/mid 140's. Just not consistent yet. Let me know, thanks, Drew
Thanks for the kind words. I'm as baffled as you are. All I get are stupid offers that I am just not willing to accept. Maybe one day soon someone with real money will want a real car. Drew
can you please give me a call 408-910-1027 mike thanks I am very interested in your car...
DAMN!!!! You can not build one for that price. Good luck on the sale. I have more than that in my GN and it isnt close to running 9's.
Thanks for the kind words fellas. I am sure I'm gonna regret it when it's gone, but I have other responsibilities that are taking precedence over a race car. BTW, here is a link to a video of the car at idle. Please excuse the poor quality.

Buick GN racecar

Thanks again, Drew
I will entertain offers of fast street GN's/ T-Types plus a good bit of cash. The amount of cash difference depends on the trade in car. Thanks, Drew