Stage II head bolt torque?


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May 25, 2001
What is the recommend torque spec for studs, ARP says 80 with moly lube the power source book says 70 with oil. This is a huge difference between the these values?
I'm suprised no one knows in the stage II section the torque specs for head studs? :(
Follow what arp says. 70 with oil and 80 with arp lube probably gives similar clamp loads, but with arp lube it will be more consistent.

If you were looking for 1000+ hp I would say 90 with arp lube. I've done 105 with 7/16 studs before on a ford v6.
Ok thanks, I'll try 80 to be safe with moly and 75 on the shorter ones. Too scared to go 90!
I would have said to go with ARP's recommendations since they are the manufacturer of the fasteners. If it was me I'd run 80 ft lbs on all of them so all the recommendations are pretty close.

I went 80 on the long ones and 75 on the short with molly.