Stage II picture thread- Let's see 'em!

WOW thats beautiful!! The craftsmanship on your car is off the hook!! Im very impressed and cant wait to see what it does. Mike:cool:
My newest bullet..............

Now that is nice work
good lookn car

Mike I sold my race car about 4 months ago
I'm going back to a BAD ASS street car with AIR

Got it!! Your not going to put side windows in it!! That should be all the air you need!! Good luck with your new build , Im sure it will be bad Arse!! Mike
On Center 274. Car is still under construction.


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Hey, if you want, email those pics and I will put them on here full size. Those small pics don't do your ride justice!

On Center 274. Car is still under construction.

Same here, got to see that thing in larger pics! Looks great, love how the turbo routes right into the cabin, then back out into the TB. Nice!!!

all i see is turbo. wheres the motor lol ??

I know right, that thing is huge!!! I think you could take a pic of it with my TE-44 sitting INSIDE of it! :biggrin: