stalled then restarted fine....


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Driving home from a car show tonight, about a 30 minute drive, I pulled up to a friends house and the car abruptly stalled at about 5-10 mph. Restarted just fine. All data on scan master looks normal. I drove home, another 10 minute drive and it ran fine and didn't stall again. What experiences have you guys had? Car has new lt1 maf with axis translator and axis chip. Cam and crank sensor are original. 34k mile 87 T.
I'm not sure yet. Replaced the crank sensor tonight. Was driving fine then it stalled when I turned the ac off while at a light. Restarted fine. Thinking iac next.
Your car is 30 years old and has the first generation of computers in an automobile, so compare that to the computer you were using 30 years ago?

Just count your blessings that the car's "temper tantrum" was a very short one and it started again right away!

It seems like every turbo car I work on recently has issues that never occurred in the past, but damn sure drives me up a wall to figure it out, lots of times there never is an answer found?

Sometimes an issue can be diagnosed, but my garage is full of parts that are used to diagnose like the dealer's did in their shops, change parts until the problem is fixed.

Sorry, the best you can get here to solve your issue is a wild-ass guess with a keyboard! ;)
Thanks Nick, I know what you mean. Good news is the new iac seems to have fixed it. The iac counts are very steady now and even seems to idle smoother. I drove the car about a hundred miles saturday with no issues. I'll be replacing the tps and cam sensor cap soon as a preventive measure.