Money pit
Mar 28, 2007
When I slow down in drive my car tends to stall but only in over drive could a vaccum leak cause this?I have a noise around my intake manifold that sounds like a exhaust leak but don't know what it is it runs great idle is some what ok so this may be nothing anyone have any ideas on this ?Any help would be gtreat thanks.:confused:
Can you...

post the year of your car and any mod's? It makes it so much easier to assist when we know what we are talking about.:confused: :smile:

Its a 87 GN with a stock block,TA-49,160 Thermostat,36 injectors,adjustable fuel regultor,poston chip,open KN air filter,dual exhaust,poston cam,the night this started I was revving the motor up and felt some thing in it then it started stalling not sure what happened and don't know were else to look any help would be great thanks.:confused:
Do you ...

have a scan tool? that can get you going in the right direction. A quick way to check for a vacuum leak would be to spray some carb cleaner around the area you hear the leak. If present, the engine should stumble. Also your maf or maf hose can create a problem for you. If the maf is going bad, it will stall at odd times and if the hose has a hole in it, it will cause unmetered air to enter.