Stalls & Stumbles on inclines?


Jun 10, 2001
I have an 82 N/A Regal 3.8..
Have been recently experincing even on a small grade of incline
say going up a hill, my eng acts like it wants to stall, surges, and when I give it the gas it pops through the carb and backfires.
I even noticed that sitting on an ever so slightly incline, and at an idle it will eventually slow down and die. Very hard to restart, once you get it level, and it sits a bit , whaaa--laaaa, she fires right up.
Any Ideas? this just started a few days ago, and seems? to be getting worse.
Has any work been done on the car prior to this problem?
:( I honestly cant tell you, recently got it.
It wasnt running the best then, It was at hi idle all the time, some carb cleaner,( i`m assumming) took care of it, stuck IAC? or something like that( sorry not used to computer controlled carbs).
It kept tossing belts off the water pump and alt pullies,an alignment problem.
But no real attempt at a tune up on my behalf,(although previous owner "looks" like they may have put plugs in it,and maybe wires did find the empty boxxes in the trunk, but the eng is so dirty can tell). this car is to the point even on level ground it pops , and surges , and backfires thru the carb, under a normal load, say during take off from lite,even on the slightest gas pedal depressing.
Cant even get it to start long enough to run, sounds good idleing then slowly looses rpms and dies.
Now there has been a few times I did get running, and took it for a test drive and it stumble & ect & ect, then after shiffting into neutral and attempt to keep running, then go back to drive, she ran flawlessly, even got into passing gear and she pulled very strong.
My intentions is to keep the car goin good enough to get me back and forth to work.:)
She has a good strong running 455 waiting in the wings to go in,
but that probaly wont happen now till spring.
just wanna get by for now, I dont understand, untill then it "seemed " to run decent, and gets around 19 - 21 mpg on the high way.
any info will be appeciated
This might not be exactly the advice your looking for, but here goes.

On a ECM/Carb car, it can be very difficult to determine if the problem is a vacuum leak, a bad sensor, a bad ECM or the carb. In your situation, instead of trying to pinpoint the problem, I would try another carb (since it seems to be a likely culprit). They are everywhere in the junkyard, and fairly cheap ($32 here). If you put it on and the problem doen't change at all, you'll at least know the carb isn't the problem. Knowing that alone can be worth $32, IMO.