Steering box swap (Nova to GN/MCSS)


Valve Monkey
Aug 14, 2001
Anyone know if a GN/MCSS steering box will bolt in place of the box in a '73 Nova (X-Body)? That's what's in my '36 Chevy front end. If not, any other quick ratio boxes that will?
Yes it will. You will need adapter fittings since GM switched to Metric threads starting in 1980. You will also need to swap the pitman arm (remember the 68-74 x bodies were rear steer). The yoke that connects to the box and is part of the rag joint might also need to be replaced.
Thanks Lee

Thanks for the info.

Should have some info on our "old buddy" Kyle Moran sometime in the first week of March. Stay tuned, I'll post when all is complete.
Thats awesome Richard. I was curious how the soap opera with Kyle was playing out.
Isnt karma a bitch? :D
It's not over yet but we're getting really close. I told y'all I'd never give up. Hey, "if you mess with the bull, you get the horn!"
More to come as it develops. Hey, it's been almost a full year, the GN is long gone, I got nothing but time!