Still Getting Code 45


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Aug 1, 2004
Still Getting A Code 45 From Pcm Vehicles Still Loses Power And Blow Black Smoke Everytime I Hit A Bump And Then Correct Itself,what Am I Doing Wrong And Where Should I Start Looking To Correct Problem.
45 Rich exhaust

Did you do anything prior to this appearing? Like fool w/or near the o2 sensor or wiring? When did you last chg the o2 sensor? A number f things can cause this bsesides the o2, tps, maf, egr, etc. Will need to know your mod's to provide an educated guess.:confused:
all wires have been inspected my o2 sensor was getting aanother number code now i tap mass air sensor, and guess what start running rich and then corrects itself tap it again starts the cycle over, who out there sell these old style sensor new they are getting hard to find for a descent price and all the refublished ones dont last and could fail at any time who is to be recommended for new price reasonable mass air sensor?
It's my...

understanding, that even the one's sold by the parts stores are a crap shoot. I went w/the ls-1 and trans + a few years ago and have had no issues. However, Mike at fullthrottlespeed, offers a new maf-less system. You might want to consider that.