Stock crank f/s


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Dec 2, 2004
Freshly out of my 100K+ '87 LC2 engine. I suffered a melted piston, did not effect the crank. The crank is std - std, but may need a polish or a cut. I am selling it AS IS (which means, it has NOT been checked out by a machine shop). It looks good to me, but I am NOT a machinist.

I am going with a Eagle crank, so this crank is no longer needed.

Asking $250 shipped. I will only pay shipping up to $40, buyer is responsible for the difference.

Best way to get a hold of me is by my cell...513-616-7832. I am in Cincinnati, Ohio. You can call me 8am to 12am EST any day.

I will post pics up as soon as I figure out my new camera :)
Yes. PM me your address. I can also send some pics if you want them. They are too large to post on here.