stock downpipe vs 2.5 atr


10's here i come
Jun 11, 2001
I just did a lot of mods to my car intercooler, ta-33 turbo is the stock downpipe going to kill my performence i have a 2.5 test pipe and duel flowmasters, or should i just make sure it runs in the morning and try to buy a atr 2.5 downpipe if it makes that much more power

85 gn
307 pump
adj reg
cone filter
flowmaster ex
LT1valve springs
sperco intercooler
ta-33 w/ ported elbow
40lb red stripes
87 ecm
JOE L 93-110 chips
welded ported headers on the way

the downpipe upgrade even helps a totally stock hot air,its one of the first things i did was the downpipe and the duel 2 1/2's it was much quicker on spoolup

before i ever touched my motor internally it was very high 14's and the above work dropped .3 and 3.5 mph gain .....later
Agreed the larger Downpipe is a MUST...the bends in the stocker are so restrictive its like making the exhaust leave the motor out of a straw.

With New Headers, and a 3" Downpipe (no longer made) It dropped me 1.00 in the 1/4 and gained about 5mph for me!
Is it ok to drive with the stock downpipe for now, with the bigger turbo,or should i just do the down pipe before i drive it .Iam going to buy one this week then. thank guys maybe i can get out of the 15s now.
yep not a problem to drive it just dont expect much out of it till you change it..

just think of it as your power/rev limiter..:)