Stolen '87 GN - Santa Rosa - 10.05.09


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Mar 4, 2004
I recently found this on craigslist. :frown:

Buick Grand National STOLEN*** - $100 (santa rosa)

My Mom's car was stolen last night (10/5/09)from the Larkfield area

Faught Rd close to Old Redwood Hwy....
Pictures below.....

Very rare car..... only 2 in Sonoma County.....

*Black in color

License Plate # 2FZB446

1987 year Buick Grand National

Please call or email if you see this car...... my mom has no money and 2 small children at home with no car now.

This car had a dead battery too.... which she just had purchased a new one for... so whoever stole it had to of pushed the car down the road/towed it or jumped it...

Please Please Help

Buick Grand National STOLEN***
No clue, it wasn't mine I spotted the ad on the Bay Area craigslist and thought I'd pass the info along.

Hope there was/is a good ending, but I'm sure the car is long gone. :frown: