Stolen Buick Ontario Canada


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Jun 30, 2005
Some scum bag stole this car from his driveway.Here is a list and the Ontario plate #.This is posted on the other board also.These cars are unique and parts interchangeability is not easy(not a mustang)Please keep your eyes open .Thanks in advance Kevin

lic plate - 023PXR
last six on the vin - 415646
Aprox mileage 56-57000km

Car is very clean inside and out. Interior is stock except for vdo boost, temp, oil gauges and tach.
The powertrain combo is as follows,
70 gtq on ctr
msd 75lbs inj
Classic FAST
double pumper
precision front mount
3" atr downpipe with atr gate
3" atr dual exhaust
atr 4bolt headers
aluminum rad, stock fan
kenne bell 70mm tb and plenum
msd wires
200r4 trans with trans brake
a/c 9" conv.
hr rear bar
convos 15x4 fronts, 15x8 rears with et streets.
Other than the list above everything else on the car is stock.

Guys i can't thank you enough for your concern and help.
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Here are some pics.



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Updated engine specs

gn1 heads
210 roller cam
comp cam roller lifters
gm mini starter
t&d 1.55 rockers
high volume front cover
shortblock has a standard turbocrank, stock rods, wiseco pistons, 2 ctr steel main caps.
like i mentioned above everything else is stock original.
Thanks Kevin