Street Outlaws has yet to be renewed for Season 7


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Oct 24, 2006
In the link below you can subscribe for updates to the show for when and if the Season 7 will happen. Maybe we can have some slight influence on the Discovery Channel to renew the show if we subscribe in numbers for updates and show interest in wanting to see it.

I like the show and have subscribed for updates to be sent to my email address. Can't hurt but may help keep the show around a little longer. ;)
Well pinks was at the track, but imo they kept the cars to regulated, saw them dq a guy cuase he ran to fast, i thought that was the whole object of racing, to go f---- ing fast.
I asked about the upcoming New Orleans show replacing the 405 based show. I received a reply that there would be two shows. The 405 based show & the new show.
great show and pretty good group of guys that have their racing shit together! Kye Kelly's prostock car is always just a tick faster. But so many of the fast cars are really well matched. If you watch the very end of last season, its states there is going to be Miss. version of the show, or its going to move there for a season..I've street raced for years and the 405 has MUCH less BS than the rest of guys out there. In our world they are the "class" of the field!
They aren't going anywhere. They have finished filming season 7 already. I hear Birdman put a fender on kye Kelly so that'll be one to watch for.
in the newly filmed season from this past summer, BC wrecks the crow. i thought that was season 6. Either way, i dont think the show is going away either, but I dont have any facts yet either...
If you like hot rods and drag racing how can you not like this show! You have to look pass the BS and just enjoy it.

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I'm with you!

Thats what i do,after all nothing is perfect. And when the bs gets to be too much i take a break and get a drink and come back when the bs is over.
I have a friend who hates that show. I laugh at him because every time the show is mentioned, he does nothing but bitch about how fake it is . . . even though he knows some of it is staged. Guess he would rather bitch about it every time than to just ignore it since he hates it so much.

Just wish he would bitch as much about some other shows.
Maybe... He's just a bitch!

Sure beats PINKS. The host of PINKS was a know-nothing clown!
Pinks was ok when it was all we had

Then one and done
Not much better

Now we get 2 nights of street outlaws
One in Oklahoma the other in Mississippi


We have come a long ways
Where can I watch reruns? I'm too cheap to spring for the discovery channel so free reruns would be the need.
their probably holding out for more money. I'm sure their are plenty of networks that wud lov to run that show. like it or not its wildly popular and thats not slowing down either.