Street Outlaws "The 405" 7th season starts on Monday, 25 April,2016


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Oct 24, 2006
And a season 8 has already been renewed.

UPDATED March 29, 2016: Buckle up as the new season of your favorite reality series Street Outlaws is set to take you on yet another nerve-wracking ride in less than a month from today. As Justin Shearer, aka Big Chief revealed on his official Instagram page, the seventh installment of the show will premiere in the US on Monday, April 25, 2016. If that is not enough good news for you, we have also learned that Discovery Channel has already renewed the hit reality series for another season even before the current is aired. In fact, production of the eighth installment of the show started a few days ago. Sign up for our updates and we will drop you an automated reminder of the release date of Street Outlaws season 7 one day before the show hits the road.
How lucky we are.....a seamless transition from NO to OKC street outlaws...........and to think a few years ago all we had was pinks all out.
It is definitely going to be a interesting series. Everybody on the list has seriously stepped up their game in the off season. This list is going to be very difficult to beat if they can hook these cars on the street. The only one that hasn't changed their car is Shane on the list.
the only downside to the show is the cars seem to becoming Pro mod (Street cars) which is starting to sound and look ridiculous cause their anything but street cars now. not that they ever really were but at least they resembled street cars b4.

big chiefs car "Looked" like a street car before. now it just looks like a giant white banana. why he wud pick such an ugly car to modify is beyond me smh
Anyone watch the show last night?

The Dung Beetle vs Dodge Challenger Hellcat. They raced for $100.00

Easy money for the beetle. ;)
lol yea the funny part is the dude in the hellcat really thought he was gonna smoke the beetle and it wasn't even close! ppl really think them hellcats are the cats ass but shit they weigh as much as a dam truck smh.

so wen does chief roll his car so he can build that giant white banana that looks like a dildo?
Farmtruck and Azn are the entertainment for me on the OKC show. I agree, I can't relate to the cars anymore on that show. When they are turning into tube chassis Pro-mod type lost interest.
I enjoy the show. the cars and drivers are nothing short of impressive but I agree they are drasters with blinkers. They should all be required to drive their car to the racing spot vs trailer it in.
I dont know why they race on the street, none of them have street cars anymore. They may as well goto the track.
I hope Kye beats Chief's new car, even if just by inches:) Only street cars are Farm Truck and Azn. Wish the Cutty had came back.
Tonight is the 2nd show of the new season. Hopefully they will have some good races.

Tune in and enjoy the show if you can.(y)