Street success.


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OK, short of slicks, i would like to hear people's combos for getting their best traction on the street. It will ALWAYS be limited, but what has worked the best for you?

What mods? What swaybar/control arm/tire,etc. Do you like on the street?

I got jumped at a light yesterday by a ricer and it really ticked me off. Glad I've got more motor to compensate. ;)

Gimme help, fellas.
What got you, was it all wheel drive? my mods are in sig, dont have alot but i have stayed with a 00z28 from a 10mph roll
My mod list is too long to type out,but I'll give the highlights.9X11..PTS tranny...pt52..champion irons...hartline motor...hydr roller..alchy...

275/60/15 BFG Drag Radials.... Centerline Tel Star Wheels

On the street I do have to "feather" just a tad but I can get in the throttle almost all the way real quick.Once the tire is hooked and moving it will hold any power I throw at it.FUN as heck and is a rocketship on the street.Boost is around 20.All the suspension is stock and untouched.You won't get too many miles out of them though around 8-10K and ther pretty much gone.
Mickey thompson et streets 28x11.50 15@30psi.SSM bars with air bags in the springs.I go out set up just like the track.Ran 11.9s like this in the 1/4 on 93.Drove 2 hours to the track on these same tires.
Couple of things. First, if you are slower than low 12s, you don't need to reply. We have different problems. ;)

87grandnat, i couldn't even tell you what "got" me, other than it was a ricer with a big, dumb wing on the back. And he only got me out of the hole.

Brian, how do you like those DRs for street driving? And you're completely stock otherwise in suspension?
Yes completely stock suspension.

With the original stock motor with just under a 100k on the clock it went 11.76 at 117 on the BFG's.I don't remember the 60 but I think it was a 1.71.I was running consistent 1.7's at the track with the completly stock motor.I haven't been back to the track with the new motor but have NO DOUBT it is way faster.I believe I could run in the 11.0-11.2 range on the radials now.I did say it is FUN on the street didn't I ???LOL...It is FUN...and yes I am very happy with them on the street.I have had no issues in the rain or otherwise with the tires and street driving.
I just realized...that's a 28" tire. That probably helps as well.

Less contact patch than a 275/50, but larger diameter. But more sidewall to wrinkle, too. Hmmmmm.......
Originally posted by Brian Schauder
275/60/15 BFG Drag Radials.... Centerline Tel Star Wheels
15x8" wheel? How much psi in the tires for the street? If it's the 15x8's, are there any rubbing probs?
Yes 15X8....Usually run 25 psi on the street.No rubbing except for some tight turns really fast(inside framrail),and no where else.There is some type of (stamp? on the framerail)that is what rubs but not enough to bother with a grinder.I have done no grinding or clearencing.

Yes I think the taller tire does help.I figured it out awhile back and think it basically turns the gear from a 3.42 into a 3.17.Don't quote me on that though.Yes more sidewall to flex also helps.
Hutchkiss upper and lower with poly bushings, air bags with drag shocks ( 90/10 front, 50/50 back ) ATR 1 3/8 back sway bar, no front sway bar, BFG 275/50/15 drag radial with 23 pds in. Wiped any kinds of cars you can come with on the street. ( corvettes, vipers, nsx, trans-ams, camaros, mustangs, ricers, all of them are in for a big surprise. :D
Not sure I like the idea of drag shocks and no front sway bar on the street. But 'm sure that setup gives you a nice advantage, even on street launches.
28x11.5 ET's and airbags. I had no clearance problems with the tires on 15x8.5 Alumastars and 3.5 BS. Never spins a tire on dry concrete. I run 12:80's so you might have more gogo than me.
Originally posted by 87natl
Not sure I like the idea of drag shocks and no front sway bar on the street. But 'm sure that setup gives you a nice advantage, even on street launches.

7-8psi launch on a TE61 with no burnout what so ever in the street ;) with a couple of tire spins to clean them good I think 10psi could be done. This is also a driver thing, you need to modulate the throttle if you want to have successfull launches, mashing the throttle to the floor won't get you nowhere. When I give rides to some friends they can't believe how violent the car can be off the line, every single HP I'm pushing goes directly to the ground. :D
The ET streets are nothing more than ET-Drags with some grooves drawn on. If you want a true street tire I think I would look at the new MT drag radial.

I run Nitto drag radials and two days ago a Neon SVT tried to jump me on the highway. I gunned it from 65 MPH with a mere 18 PSI boost and it broke the tires loose in a big way. After they spin they recover fairly well but I think I will try the MT's next. The BFG's were even worse.

Damn you guys! Why can't you get your acts together and all have the same opinion.

BFG Drags are great,
No they suck and so do Nittos, try the MT Drags that I haven't tried yet. LOL!

You're really killing me. ;)
A lot of it depends on the car. A guy may think the BFG's are greatest thing since sliced bread if he went to them from toyo's or something and never tried the Nittos. Espcically if it is a 12 sec car. A lot of times you have to look at the car they are on. I have tried both and could basically spin either of them away nothing in pretty quick fashion at WOT from dead stop. You have to play the throttle to get good launches. The Nittos are way better in the rain than the BFGs.

I ran ET streets for about a week until I got caught in a bad downpour but they hooked pretty good on the street. I was able to launch around 6-7psi with no spin. I now switched back to a regular DOT tire. 295/50 Firestone firehawks which will hold about 4psi launch. I need dr's. I also have stock rear suspension.
Bilsteins, big tires.

Let then go for a few car lenghts, and then muscle past them.
Your not going to get great traction on the street.
Get the tune perfect, and have fun.

Be all you can be. <G>
I have to disagree with the Nitto's being anywhere in the league of the BFG.The slower the car I'm sure they might be,but not on anything fast.I helped a friend of mine build a drag radial Mustang.It' goes anywhere between 170-175 every pass on a 325/50/ way it could be done on a Nitto.As a matter a fact take a look at all the Drag radial classes run in all the organizations such as PSCA,NMRA,FFW,NMCA, and you would not see a Nitto in the group.It's not because the Nitto is illegal.It's because they don't work near as well.The classes all range from mid eights to high eleven's in e.t.I will agree the driver and knowing how/what to do to launch the car and what works for your car is key.A bad driver can make a good tire bad,and a good driver can make a bad tire good.I personally have never had traction issues in the rain with my BFG's,but then again I'm in FL and all the land is flat.To answer the Toyo to BFG barb.No that wasn't how it went as much as you may have assumed.I went from the Nitto's that were on the GN when I bought the BFG.The Nitto's are dry rotted behind my garage now in case you are wondering what happened to them.

The Mickey Thompson is going to be a great track tire.(have you seen it in person?).It is basically an e.t street and resembles nothing like a BFG or Nitto.If you think a BFG is bad in the rain I can't imagine what you are going to think of the Mickey.

Anyways that my two cents,and I'm not trying to start a BFG/Nitto spat with ya Sully.I have just spent alot of time with the BFG's and have no complaints.