Streetable compression ratio?

From what Ive heard anything below 8:1 dynamic CR should run ok without detonation on premium. I just built a 10.35:1 464 BBB but my dynamic CR was 7.7:1 and things seem to be running just find on 93. Please bare in mind that Im not very knowledgable about how boost affects this ratio. Also, as stated above quench REALLY helps things. You should look to run a total of .40 or less while still maintaining clearance for valves opening. Id switch the rods and then play with the quench area with the thickness of head gaskets available. Just my 2 cents...
This sounds all sorts of wonderful for me then. I have 8.0:1 static compression with the pistons 0.030 in the hole on a comp 212/212 roller installed straight up. Think I can put 18-20 on top of it with pump premium? It's too expensive to buy pistons that would be 0.0-0.010 in the hole since I'm running a 3.995 bore 4.1 with some of Mike's magic reverse domes.

How much boost I can get away with will really colour my turbo selection as right now I'm maxing it out at 24psi at 5000rpm with a linear build from 5psi at 3000 rpm in 1psi/100rpm steps. This puts me way beyond the suggested TE44.