stripped sway bar bolt holes


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Oct 5, 2001
I'm putting the front sway bar back on my car and the 10MM bolts which hold the bar clamps to the frame are loose because it seems the holes in the frame are stripped or enlarged. Any tips on how to handle this? Is there a slightly larger than the 10mm bolt which is a self tapping style bolt that I could use?
:mad: I just bought the 4 10mm bolts from Gbodyparts for $20 and I was really disappointed when they did not fit because of my problem :mad: Thanks for any advice. Paul
had to nut mine too. i put a nut in a wrench with black tape over the top to keep it in there then got the bolt started its hard to use your fingers
Thanks for all the great tips. I did nut the bolts on the passenger side and that was actually very easy as there is a large hole in the frame near where the nuts have to be. The drivers side is a different story - no way to nut those. I went to the hardware store looking for a self tapping 12mm bolt - one size larger than the stock 10mm ones. An old guy in the Ace store asked me what I was looking for. I told him and he said there is no such thing but why not make your own? He said to take a hacksaw and cut a couple vertical slits at the tip of a regular 12mm bolt. I chose allen head ones, so the head would not be an issue in the clamps and son of a gun, his tip worked. Problem solved! I thought I'd share that tip in case you ever have the same problem. Paul