suggestions needed on Rules for the Buick South Nationals.

When are the final rules going to be set? And by who? I say no tire changes, run with what you drove in on. That is real street to me. If you can drive in on your Nittos, or whichever, fine.

IrvJr, this is why posting here is needed. To get feelings and get a bunch of us to have some fun. I doubt anyone from maryland is going to drive 1000 miles on DR's.. What is to stop them from swaping tires at the Motel 6 just 9 miles away.

We can make this battle of the 2.0 60 foots.. and he with the biggest trap speed wins..

For me I have a set of DR's, a set of slicks, and some street tires that I regularly drive on. So I dont least I can MPH well. But a lot of guys I know typically run radials during the week..and put on the stickies when on the prowl or track.

Whatever the decision, lets try and get this happening in "mass".. I mean why make a class for 3 cars.. come on guys..speak up. T-minus 50 days approx.. if your here..lets make a fun street class..not too many rules..


ok..i'm changing my sig to 13.30 at 104 to entice some of you :D
You right, we need more input from the others who wanna play. I have a set of Nittos in my garage mounted and ready to go, but i dont wanna have to change them there. I personally think it should be race with what you drove on, because most people probaly dont drive their DR's on the street. I know i found a nice tire that i like that should last me along while and was cheaper. So we need more input to decide this, not just you and me back and forth. But in the end i guess Jesse will decide.

Buick Turbos only, no TTA's. :p

I think the car should weigh 3500 without driver.

Mine's a piggy. :(

I like the 10 gallons and cap over the 93 gas idea. :cool:

Not that there's been any cheatin' at any Buick events ever.


Legal tread drag radials only. :cool:

Where's the rules committee?
Now if your gonna allow DR's you have to allow them all. None of this legal tread crap. Nittos only have a treadwear rating of 100 to begin with.

Originally posted by JCotton
My thoughts............ S2 class should be 9.50 or faster, no cut-off, shouldn't matter how fast a car is since it's bracket racing. You wouldn't want to discourage the faster cars from coming.

The 109 class should not be discouraged from running any tire , turbo, or fuel, it to is a brackett class, you will be discouraging a large group of cars from racing. You may utilize more than one class, based on et's and car count.

just my .02,

Thats a good idea Jack .... I would like to see a low 8 or high 7 sec pass :eek:

Anyone else agree with Jack
Are we having brackets and a street car class? Or one or the other?

What ever your real "daily driver" is.

I use Nitto 555R DR's every day. Never had a problem in the rain. I will be driving on them from Ft. Lauderdale to Bradenton.

My car is a pig to. I'll never see 3500...:D
Originally posted by Jesse
Thats a good idea Jack .... I would like to see a low 8 or high 7 sec pass :eek:

Anyone else agree with Jack

I agree with Jack! Why would you want to discourage the faster cars from coming to the event?? Jack has probably raced at more Buick events than any other guy on this board so any suggestions or ideas he makes should be taken seriously!

BTW, I would also like to see a low 8 or high 7 sec pass:cool:
Originally posted by Razor

86 Brick.. I know..just having some fun. See ya there.. I may even run ya..ya know spot ya a bulb or ??? :D .. hehehe

Yeah you can spot me about 5 cars and it will be a good race;)
By legal tread on a drag radial I meant any type of drag radial just can't be below the tread wear indicators.

You know some of them hook a little better when the tread wears off completely. ;)

Any model legal tread. :)

I think this class could become the best turbo Buick class for the masses.

Oh, no sponsored cars either. :p
I dont think they will limit the DR's by the tread wear indicator. Mine are past the wear indicators, and i would be a little upset if i couldnt use them because of that. I do worry that not all who wish to race will have a place. 93 oct, TSM and Outlaw 109 dont incorporate all the Buick enthusiasts. What about the guys with the Aluminum heads, big turbos and front mounts that run 11;s and 10's on C-16. Where will they run and be competitive?

The 93 class.. whats the fastest car in the country?

On dr's your looking at a mid 11+ sec class. Homework.. who's the fastest??

I'll leave you guys with that.

I dunno bout any sponsored cars.. who'd want to sponsor an 11 sec car :rolleyes: for one event.

I know i'll hear "X" ran 10.7's on 93.. wont mention any names..locally I have never seen faster than 11's. So if 11's are the number..then whats up with being so picky on tires...

Me.. i'd love to say I was there and saw a full weight TB car run 10's on 93.. dont care if it had a Jetto rocket mounted to the roof. If it did it on blizzacks..that would be even nicer.

Give who ever's fastest praise for paying attention to tuning a street car, and making it live on low octane while flying. Thats what a street car is to me. To hinder it.. and not see the potential, that would be a travesty to all. This is why i'm all for slicks. Guy drives it on the street.. has fun with the car.. goes to the track, bolts on a set of tires, and turns the number without changing tune on his car.

I'm I off?
Honestly, our opinion of a street car differs. I bet everyones elses differs as well. Someone (Jesse) is going to have to come up with a plan for this race (pretty soon) . Everyone is going to need some time to set up and then tune their car for this.

Thats why all this posting back and forth. Without feedback.. Jesse cant make a viable decision.

Listen, I go to the track twice a month when my car is running, I choose the slicks becuase the track can be hit or miss with imports, pickup trucks, waiting 1 1/2 hours to make a pass and blow the tires while launching is no fun. Ive seen my share of 2.6 60 foots at Bradenton.

Those that dont go to Bradenton dont realize this. With dr's that track you'll get one/two clean passes..and thats it. Their sister track Sunshine , you can hook there all nite long on DR's.

IrvJr, our opinions believe it or not are the same. And I do have the same feelings run the car as it is driven on the street normally. But when your car doesnt hook on that track.. dont say I didnt tell ya so.

Hopefully Jesse can set a cutoff date for opinions on the street car class. Maybe two weeks. The only debate I see so far is the tire issue. Everyone else ok with weight and 93?

Keep the ideas coming.

Lastly, I dont mean to sound like a ****, but if your not coming or racing in the street class.. dont foul it for everyone with negative opinion. This isnt directed torwards anyone, just that I have seen too many outside spoons ruin the soup for everyone. On other car sites as it relates to race events and classes.

All Classes will be heads up. (pro-tree or standard, still TBD)

I want your idea's, opinions, suggestions, so we can make this race fun for everyone.

Thanks for reading and post away!!


Are these heads up classes,I know, blonde ?, just thought they were all bracket classes, want to make sure , if so I would not want to race a sub 8.50 car............. :cool:
If it's heads up, definitely a pro tree......
Last time I was at Bradenton, I ran on real street tires, not even DR's. I hooked OK.

I don't think the 93 class should be allowed slicks. You don't use slicks on your way to work or to the grocery store.

Or maybe a time penalty for slicks?
I don't drive bald drag radials to the store either. :p

Remember how long it took to make up rules for the other classes?

This could take longer to do it right, may end up the most popular Buick class as well. :D

How about the drag radial classes with 2-3K horsepower cars down in FLA.

I'm sure they hooked okay. ;)

Street car class. :cool:

Oh, is that 3500 with or without driver?
I may just end up flying down and watching anyway. ;)

But I still think it could become the best Turbo Buick class in terms of participation. :cool: