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i proved myself to be an idiot today. i had a really nice pair of smith glasses with a plastic that had gotten fairly scratched up. so i decided to hit it with the buffer wheel and clean it up. which i did and they were looking like new, untill i decided to make one last pass over them and something caught something a before i could say holly S*** batman my $120 shades were in about 60 pieces on the garage floor. the good news is they weren't too comfortable, the bad news is they were my only pair and i absolutely hate driving with out them. i also use them to fly with.

so what does everyone have and like? i'm looking for something fairly small, and narrow also. not only do i have a fairly narrow head i have to wear them under a headset when i'm flying, if they are big at all they hurt pretty bad after an hour or 2. i wouldn' mind paying a lot for a good pair, but of corse i'd perfer something less expensive.

unfortunatly they cant be polorized. a lot of the planes i fly have lcd screen insturments and they are polorized, and i hear almost impossible to see with polorized shades.
I have a pretty nice pair of metal Ray Bans with glass lenses. I'm not too easy on my sunglasses and I've had these for over 4 years. The arms are very small and wouldn't get in the way of a headset. They are polorized, but for $20 cheaper I could have had them non polorized. The stereo's in my cars blank out when I have my sunglasses on if I turn my head at an angle of more than 15-20* from vertical, but otherwise I have no problems seeing them if I don't lean my head over. Get a $10 pair of polorized glasses at a gas station and see if they cause any problems with flying. The RBs weren't cheap $140, but I needed something small and was tired of dealing with the big oakleys and such.
Here is a picture of me with my favorite driving glasses :biggrin:


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i'm thinking about shaving my head and the oakleys that wrap over your head.

i'm actually concidering some aviators, they are pretty cool! and theres a lot out there that are not too expensive but work good, so i hear. the thing i really liked about my old ones was the brown lenses it had, they didn't really make anything darker, it made it less bright. its hard to describe but if you've worn a good pair of glasses you know what i'm talking about. unfortunatly i haven't seen any at a gas station that do any more than make everything darker.
I do not like plastic shades, real ground optical glass like that found in Serengeti Drivers. They are slightly polarized and they do mess with LCD screens a bit but they shade the eyes without feeling like there is anything in front of your eyes.
I have tried to keep a nice pair of sunglasses and have been unable to do it. I gave up. My kids like to play with them. I resorted to the $10 paris at the local parts stores. They claim to be polarized...and some are better than others at that. Best ones I got so far were some small metal frame w/glass lenses for .99 that I found at the dollar store. If they don't hold up, so what. I'll go get a new pair. Not too bad if I have to buy some every few months.

Hmmm...a new pair of shades every season?

In the words of ZZtop..."Go get yourself some cheap sunglasses" :cool:

Sorry, couldn't resist.
I picked up a pair of these at an auto show and I really, really like them. A lot. They are small, light, very comfortable, and relatively inexpensive. If you've got a narrow head, these are the ticket.

The downside is the lenses are just held to the frames by a tab so you've got to be kind of careful with them.

As far as optics go, they seem fine to me but I'm not picky.
I second the glass lens Serengetti drivers. :cool:

Big azz drivers lens that works, winter and summer.

For a darker lens the Ray Ban glass drivers work well also, haven't used a pair in years however, sat on mine in the early 80's. :p

Both are probably polarized however, you have to go to their home websites to find that out.
i just picked up a pair of bolle sin city's pretty cool, super light and also small. they don't have a frame so they do feel a little funny when your wearing them, i'm sure its something easy enough to get used to.

I got the light grey with the mirror tint, they didn't have any of the light brown, which is hands down the best color to have. it might not look all that great but its amazing how much clearer everything is.

anyways i picked them up for $40 at big 5 sports. i've seen them online anywhere from $130 at bolle and $53 from rei in their closeout specials.

i think i'll wear them for now and be carefull with them, after christmas i'll take them back and say i got them as a gift and try to exchange them for a light brown lens if they have any in. it sure is nice to not be shadeless again
salvageV6 said:
...For a darker lens the Ray Ban glass drivers work well also, haven't used a pair in years however, sat on mine in the early 80's. :p

:eek: Glass in the ass,I hate it when that happens :biggrin:


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Im a Dragon Optics fan... Ive owned many many pairs over the last 10-11yrs. Currently have 3 pairs. Decently priced.. never paid over $100 a pair. They look great and they have a TON of styles with lots of color/lens variations. Their warranty dept is top notch too.. Ive accidently broke arms and they never ever hesitate to replace them for like $6 to cover their shipping.