Swapping to stage heads

Dank GN long time ago Ken Duttweiler told me to find a builder you are happy with and stick to his recommendations, therefore i will not suggest a cam for you. Personally i would contact Duttweiler ,Hogland or Bison, i believe you would be better serviced. I am sure your car will fly. cheers
Thanks that’s my raptor 50
I like the raptor...
yes it’s dangerously fun to fly . It has just about a 5’ radius of spinning blades of serious hurt lol .
Make sure you have the cam to take advantage of the heads, lift and duration very important.
I have a very mild cam that will work well for my application. From the research I’ve done they say if you have good flowing heads you can cut back on the lift and duration. If you believe differently please let me know what you think would be a good street / strip cam for stage heads .

If your swapping heads for a performance advantage over a stock configuration head than your methodology won’t work. You will just narrow your power band.
You are going to have to venture into cam and compression options you wouldn’t normally consider before if you want any gains with those heads.

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