switching to electric windows and locks


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Jul 5, 2005
Hi Buick Brothers,

My car is in the body shop and it has manual doors, found a set of doors with the electric windows and locks (my manual doors where rusted beyond repair). Would like to convert the car to electric, all the switches are included with the new donor doors, problem is can't find a wiring harness under the dash. Do I need to do a little wiring? I was told that all the turbobuicks have the same wiring harness and that the connections should be there...
Anyone have any ideas? Thanks for your time.

I know one of the guys here was doing the power lock upgrade to his Grand Prix and was told the same story about the wiring being there. In his case it wasn't. I found the under dash harness for sale at BG (racecar pull?) and passed it on.
Thanks Davelostmissing. So I need a wiring harness.... so much for the harness being tucked up in that mess somewhere :redface:

I looked in the Turbo Shop Manual and looks like I need "#5 cross body wiring harness" for a start on the electric doors and locks, doubt that it's there now if the car didn't come with electric.(the car is about a hour away, I didn't get to look)
Also "door lock relay assembly".
Bob over in the parts area is hooking me up with the wiring harness.