T&D rocker adjustment help needed!

Tom Tom Turbo

Turbo Goes Woo Woo
Jul 10, 2002
I picked up a set of T&D 1.55 rockers and I'm in the process of adjusting them, but have no clue exactly how to make sure they're set properly to allow the oiling holes to line up.

I called T&D and they just said to only turn the nut 2.5 times or less....but that still allows the pushrods to be spun by finger. Can anyone explain how to do this (to a dummy with little valvetrain knowledge)
I like them about 1 turn from the top. So get an adjustable pushrod and figure out what length you need and order them.
Completely remove one of the adjustes and look at the oil transfere hole in the rocker arm. You can even measure the hole placement with a dial caliper and then look at the oiling groove on the adjuster to see how much adjustement you have before the oil hole is blocked off. Typically you will need .100" shorter pushrods to get proper geometry, going from stock rockers to T&D's. (all else being equal) If you are using a flat tappet cam, just use std Small block Chevy lifters and you can keep your stock push rods. I use to do that all the time when I replaced the cam/lifters and used T&D rockers. Now I only use roller cams, which require different pushrods anyway.

One way to increase the adjustment range is to slot the oil transfere hole in the rockerarm. I use a 1/8" pin router to notch the hole. But....... rocker geometry needs to be checked carefully.