T-type stumbles under heavy load, any suggestions?


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Jun 1, 2001
I planned on going to the track last Sat and got the car all set up Friday night. Sat before I loaded it up I took it for a ride down the road as sort of a test run and the car had a hard stumle under a heavy load. Now here are the details. The car is a an 86 T-type with the following mods-Red XP pump, TE-44, big neck ic, 38# injectors, adj. regulator, ported elbow, ATR dp, Translator and LT1 MAF. I changed the fuel filter, the plugs and wires are new, as is the actuator, trans and LT1 MAF and the TE-44. I had a JL 108 chip in with 112 race gas and 18 psi of boost. When I nailed it it took off just like it should then it would cut out and the boost would fall back to 15 and the fuel pressure would fall back also with the boost dropping and then it would start detonating. It seemed that the boost dropped first but it happened so quick it was hard to be sure. BTW the car has 77k miles on it. Could my XP pump be going bad? Any suggestions? Thanks Steve
Forgot to mention that, yes it is hot wired. Anther thing I didn't mention is that it doesn't pop any codes. Thanks Steve