TA-5557 Your stock turbo plus cash?


Jun 24, 2001
Ok, I'm gonna give this a try and hope it doesn't get too complicated.

I have a 70 Chevelle Malibu that had 2 stock 87 GN turbos. One of them started to get some bad shaft play so I bought 2 new Precision TA-5557's with .63 a/r to replace them. The new turbos picked up a good bit of power and spool relatively quick but I prefer the instant boost of the stock turbos.

That being said this is what I'm looking for. Your excellent condition stock turbo with inlet bell plus $500 for one of my TA-5557's.

Your turbo must be in excellent shape and reasonable mileage. My 5557's are about 6 weeks old and have less than 800 miles on them. Each one will come with a stock ported inlet bell, and a billet inlet bell. No actuator or exhaust elbow. The turbos have been painted gray. The wastegate port was ported/blended but the hole was not enlarged.

I don't have them ready to ship but am starting to remove them from the car now.


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My advise would be to go to the stock GN turbo .63 Garrett housing on them. It will cost you about $250 to get them machined and you will gain a lot of spoolup. Should be close to the stock turbos.
Is there a tread or page with your complete build?

I am planning a similar project for my '65 Plymouth/400ci big block and would be interested in seeing the details of your build.