Tall valve covers, solid motor mount, boost gauge, AFPR, valve spring tool and more


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Jun 1, 2001
Autometer Ultra Lite boost gauge 30-30, comes with everything needed to install $35 plus shipping


Solid drivers side motor mount. I made this from a new stock replacement mount by tig welding stainless side straps. I used it with a rubber passenger mount and did not notice any more vibration than running poly mounts and cheap to! $30 plus shipping


Tall valve covers. These are steel and use normal 1.22" valve cover groments and breathers. Good condition but could use a few paint touch ups.
$30 plus shipping


Valve spring tool. I bought this off the board a few years ago and it works good. $30 plus shipping


Stock up pipe with holes for dual nozzle alky injection. Good condition but could use some paint touch ups. Would be good to keep you from having to drill your stock up pipe


Stock appearing adjustable fuel pressure regulator. I think these were made by bowling green customs back in the day. You adjust it by insert a allen wrench in the vacuum port hole. Worked good when I removed it from one of my cars but has not been used in a few years. $25 plus shipping


Red Armstrong 93 chip for 60 pound injectors and a TE-45a turbo. $20 shipped
Valve covers $35 shipped in the 48 states

Solid motor mount $30 shipped in the 48 states

Up pipe $25 shipped in the 48 states