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Does anyone know where to get the gasket that goes between the TB and the vacuum pod. New used or any idea. How important is it?

I don/t believe it is available any longer. Loctite makes a gasket eliminator 518 ( I/m sure others also, and maybe just silicone sealant will work). Clean the old gasket out, put a thin film of sealant in the groove. This will work fine. Good Luck

Hey Lee, nice to see you come around. I finally installed the headers, I now waiting for the PC valve covers in order to in your up and down pipe. Car has been down for months!!! You know how it is when you start then one thing leads to another. How's the car running?
Yeah, I can make those up! Too bad Dave's not around, I sent him about 50 of those just before his troubles started. (Kyle prolly ran off with 'em anyway)

Guess I should whack out a few more! If anyone's interested, post away or e-mail me!
I've received a few requests, so I'll be making some up shortly! If anyone else is interested, let me know so I know how much gasket material I'll need!

BTW, cost is $2 each or 6 for $10, shipping included

Thanks! :)