Team Banana's Twin Turbo LS Gbody

Kinda what I'm wondering..
Are the parts magnafluxed, first? Or, is it to have "pretty pieces" when it blows up, and pics are posted?:D
That too!! When they pick parts off the track they will look good. Not sure why we would have them magnafluxed. The rods came out of a running motor. From what I gather they bend not break. We have a short block with H beam rods getting built. This motor is just for working tuning and other bugs out
These are Corvette gears but this gives everybody and idea of how it would help. These are before and after pics. For no more that it cost it is well worth it. Every rear end we build has the polished gears.
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"Not sure why we would have them magnafluxed."
To verify the integrity, prior to spending more $$ on the other process. Because they did not fail prior to the build, does not mean they are "qualified" to withstand double/triple torque/hp application...
But, given that particular engine is a "sacrificial pig", I guess it doesn't matter.
Lol Kip Welcome to the effing LS Section!!!!!!!!!!
Tom I wasn't missing any degrees. The cam was just fast out of the box. Crank had to catch up to that bad mother
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