Tell something COOL you did with your Dad as a kid


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Jun 2, 2002
You guys must have some cool memories of doing something with your dad that you always remember?

For me it was in the mid 60's driving into Boston to get the meat at the packing plants. I did the shifting of the 3 speed 1963 Volkswagon bus that DAD owned for his grocery store buisness.

I remember i would stand for the whole ride (no seatbelts in model 63) . I knew by the sound of the revs when it was shift time.
My dad used to race in the demolition derbys around here when I was really young, maybe 5 or so and he used a flatbed w/tilt to take his cars to and from the track. One time he was getting ready to load his car on the truck and he put me in the drivers seat while he was wenching it up on to the flatbed. He told me to steer it as it went up and I swore I was driving it onto the truck. Kinda funny now how I really wasn't doing anything big, but it sure seemed like a lot.

man. Everything. Frame of restos on cars, MX racing all kindsa stuff. He was (is )a fine Dad, like I am to my Son:)
working on his 85 GN, or should i say being the tool boy lol. but i learned a lot and its what got me wanting my GN. Now after hes seen how easy the intercooled cars are he has his 86 GN as well. hopefully there will be more memories in the future restoring his 67 GTO and finishing his 72 chevelle SS:cool:
This might be a little different, but I was thinking about this last night...

It was back to school time right before I went to 1st grade, and my dad asked me what kind of lunch box I wanted. As you remember, your lunch box was of paramount importance at that age. I told him I wanted a Knight Rider one. I think he assumed that I had actually seen one somewhere....I really didn't know if they even existed, but I didn't tell him that. He drove me to every Wal Mart, K Mart, Kay Bee Toys, etc. in the state of Colorado looking for one and, wouldn't you know it, we actually found one somewhere near Denver. I was the coolest kid (in my mind) at school!

...I recently saw the same luncbox on Ebay for over $150.
The thing I remember the most is my dad never missing any of my baseball games. He would travel all over the state to watch me play in tournaments. I know this was a big sacrifice, not only because of the time, but also the financial burden of renting hotels rooms and travelling.

I also remembering going to pick up his 86 GN in Nov of 85. It was the Saturday after Thanksgiving. I don't think he has stopped working on it since. I remember many times coming of from school and popping the hood to make little changes trying to get that extra tenth and sometimes losing a couple tenths along the way.

I bought mine in 93 and he always helped me to keep it running right. One time when I blew an engine I was working two jobs at the time. I dropped it off at his house. One day I came over to help put together and it was already running. I would like to share some of these memories with my son who is due in May.
sitting on his lap driving down canal roads, while we would be out target practicing....
Never had one. Thanks for the memories...

Actually just met him recently after 28 years and he's the coolest sh!t. Loves cars and has a vette so now we are starting a father son relationship. Better late than never.
The thing I remember was when my dad, Mr. Conservative - High School science teacher, local politician, always drives 5 MPH under the speed limit - pulled into a snow-filled, empty parking lot in our Buick Estate Wagon and proceeded to bust out about 10 donuts!

Big ‘ol grin on his face. Never said a word about it and went back to being Mr. Conservative...

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Originally posted by fitz3820
The thing I remember was when my dad, Mr. Conservative - High School science teacher, local politician, always drives 5 MPH under the speed limit - pulled into a snow-filled, empty parking lot in our Buick Estate Wagon and proceeded to bust out about 10 donuts!

Big ‘ol grin on his face. Never said a word about it and went back to being Mr. Conservative...

Mark F. 87 GN 11.9 @ 115
I was about 10 or 11 years old.....

....and my mom and I went to visit my dad at his job.

He operated heavy equipment for a construction company. He drove a Caterpillar 988 wheel loader which was the largest one that Cat made at the time. This thing was immense! His job was to keep the hoppers filled with sand and rock for producing asphalt.

I would climb the sturdy steps to enter the cab and sit on his lap while he scooped and dumped huge amounts of material. 2 full scoops would fill a tandem dump truck. I remember grabbing the "suicide knob" and maneuvering around imaginary objects in articulated fashion. He would also let me work the controls as we would drive into a stonepile to grab a heaping bucket or twist the shifter handle to engage another gear.

It was a dusty and noisy job and I had it set in my mind that that's what I wanted to do when I got older. I thought it was the coolest thing at the time.
going to races and working on cars is what I remember most, but the best memory with my dad was when we went to the Richard Petty driving school together. Seeing his face (and the rear tires of a Winston Cup car) light up reminded me that he is still a kid at heart and enjoys the same things I do. Nothing could break the bond that we have and I hope everyone else can have that same experience.
Before I was old enough to go to school, I remember a few times when the sitter couldn't take me, so I got to go to work with Dad. He was feeding turkeys at an agricultural center at the time, so I went with him getting bags of feed. I got to have my very own take along lunch, and of own THERMOS! After lunch, we took a nap on the stack of bags of feed. It made a big impression.

I think the thing that all the dads out there reading all of these stories can take away is that tiny little bits of your time spent with your son or daughter doing something "out of the ordinary" are more precious than you can imagine. Any experience that can bring back a fond memory after a lifetime is something you simply can't put a price on.
Driving his Buicks lets say about 7 and never fogetting the
first time i raised the hood on one and saw the Wildcat air
When I was 9, my dad and I lived (just us 2) in Phoenix. We would take walks around the neighborhood after dark every once in a great while. We wouldn't really talk much just enjoy the warm Arizona nights.

I remember about a million trips to Firebird too:D Man, I loved those nachos...
Boy, I am truly envious of you guys. I sure hope you appreciate your fathers. Mine pretty much didn't want much to do with me when I was a kid. I did have a kick ass step dad though. I remember one time we were driving, he was a pretty slow and safe driver, and he decided to bust a snow drift with his Toyota. We didn't even make it half way through. We were stuck good. We dug it out, and he said "don't tell your mother". Theres something cool about having a secret between you and your dad, and keeping it from mom. At least when your a kid.

I hope I have a son, so I can be a good dad and have those moments I never had. Someday...
Lots of car shows in the spring and summer. I know that's where I got my love of muscle cars and classics from. I look forward to instilling the same love for cars into my own 2 sons.
I remember my dad took me to an indoor truck and tractor pull.
I was amazed at the sound and the feel of the brutal power
those engines were making, and I've been hooked on
horsepower ever since. :)
My father road raced and autocrossed Corvettes during most of my childhood. He raced a '75 'Vette for a few years, and then built a new (at the time) '77.
I spent many a Saturday night helping him get the car ready for Sundays. At 7:30am on Sunday morning, the neighbors would hear a 12.5:1, DZ302 block'd, 500hp, 4-wheel slicked 'Vette backing out of the garage into the morning air. We'd get to the track, he'd walk the course and mom and I would set up in the pits. We spent most of the weekends during the season with the club he was in (Corvette Club of Western Pennsylvania) at races, shows, picnics, etc. It was pretty cool.
Dad was quite the street racer and drag racer in his early years. He had all kinds of old muscle cars. LS6 and 396 Chevelles, AAR 'Cuda, 389 Tri-power GTO, Mach I 428 (had both a red 4-speed and a gold automatic) were some of them. Heck, for a few years in grade school, mom was driving me to football and baseball practice in a '71 'Vette with a 454/365-4-speed.